Best Mascaras for Sensitive Eyes

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Best Selling Mascaras for Sensitive Eyes

Ecco Bella Brown Mascara
Ecco Bella

Mascara in as pure a formula as you can buy; we leave out the lacquer, shellac and alcohol.

Product Ratings
  • “The brown is a very nice color, sort of a dark brown which is my usual shade.” – Sheri Fogarty
  • “This brown mascara looks good, it looks natural without clumps!” – ☺ Ratso Rizzo ☺
  • “After a full day of wear, I experienced NO flaking, clumping, or smudging.” – Linda Painchaud-Steinman

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Black Tea Mascara
100% Pure

100% natural mascara lengthens, separates, thickens and glosses lashes with fruit pigments and Black tea pigments. Lash conditioning ProVitamin B5, Vitamin E, Oat and Wheat protein conditions for healthier lashes.

Product Ratings
  • “It smells SO good and NATURAL.” – Krysta
  • “One coat makes you look like you have naturally beautiful lashes.” – Vince
  • “Unfortunately, while I do like the look of this mascara, I have the raccoon look under my eyes within an hour, even without sweating.” – Sellendie

Ecco Bella Black Mascara
Ecco Bella

Mascara in as pure a formula as you can buy; we leave out the lacquer, shellac and alcohol.

Product Ratings
  • “I also love that this mascara only has a handful of safe, natural ingredients and that the company is vegan.” – Ashley
  • “The small mirror on the side of the tube is a nice touch, since I keep my mascara in my purse and tend to use it on the go.” – Robin
  • “On especially humid days, this mascara will sometimes start flaking off after 6-8 hours, but most days it stays on all day.” – S. Gookin

L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara, Carbon Black, 0.26-Fluid Ounce

Voluminous Carbon Black Volume Building Mascara is uniquely formulated to resist clumping, soften and build lashes up to 5X their natural thickness with 2X the intensity of your regular black shade.

Product Ratings
  • “This mascara really makes your eyelashes stand out, it almost looks like you’re wearing false lashes it makes them so thick.” – Jean Mertz
  • “I would not purchase this again as by the end of the day I had black smudges under my eyes.” – Liz Ellington
  • “It gives insane legnth plus volume on my lashes.” – AndreaJunelle

L'Oreal Paris Bare Naturale Mineral-Enriched Mascara, Black Brown, 0.16-Fluid Ounce
L’Oreal Paris

Treat your lashes to gentle, nourishing mascara without sacrificing any of the volume or length. Introducing the first mineral-enriched mascara from L’Oréal’s.

Product Ratings
  • “This mascara makes your lashes long without looking all clumped on.” – Diana
  • “I love this product and will never go to anything else (if I can help it).” – emily, etc., etc.
  • “It separates the lashes and gives some definition without being clumpy.” – M. Fisher

blinc Lash Primer 0.23 oz.

Condition, strengthen, volumize! Blinc’s Lash Primer was developed to nourish and enhance your eyelashes. Its building properties create a base coat surrounding even the smallest lashes with incredible volume and length that amplifies your mascara’s effect.

Product Ratings
  • “The blinc mascara was great in that respect but didn’t give enough length and volume so I decided to try the lash primer and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!” – cfacar
  • “It makes my lashes look thicker without looking clumped, as long as I do not over do it on the primer application.” – JKC68
  • “I will continuing buying this product.” – BW

Blinc Mascara, Dark Brown, 0.21-Ounce Tube

Stop painting your lashes, tube them. Blinc is the original mascara invented to form tiny water resistant tubes around your lashes rather than painting them like conventional mascaras.

Product Ratings
  • “It doesn’t run into the eyes, doesn’t smudge and stays in place all day long!” – Paula
  • “Easy to take off with just water, no need for special removers.” – Pat
  • “I prefer a more natural look.” – Tammy Goen

Blinc Mascara-Black .21 fl oz (6 g)

Blinc – Mascara – Mascara A water-resistant “tubes” around your lashes for greatest extension & hold The tubes attach to your lashes even if your cry or rub your eyes Enhance volume & length give a gl

Product Ratings
  • “It comes off easily with warm water.” – teadrinker
  • “Best mascara I’ve ever used.” – chastitysunshine
  • “They really do stay in place until you wash them off, so you never have raccoon eyes.” – Jaclyn S. Shepherd

L'Oreal Paris Double Extend Eye Illuminator Mascara, Black Bronze, 0.4-Fluid Ounce
L’Oreal Paris

L’Oreal introduces new Double Extend Eye Illuminator, a two-step lengthening mascara professionally developed to illuminate your eyes.

Product Ratings
  • “It really makes my lashes look so much longer than they are.” – InsomniacPrincess
  • “I love, love, love this product and am so happy I was able to find it online!” – Atarkiss
  • “I use other L’Oreal mascaras and love them.” – Kaspasia

CoverGirl Professional Natural Lash No Color Mascara Clear (N) 800, 0.34 Ounce Bottle

Tame eyebrows and create natural-looking, feather-light lashes with this clear conditioning gel formula.

Product Ratings
  • “It gives my lashes this natural look without looking the messy look.” – Iris
  • “Since it came in a three – pack I sent one to each of my daughters who love it for brows.” – Judy
  • “Less luckily, I also have dark eyebrows that tend to get a little unruly, so I use the clear mascara on them each morning to keep them in a nice smooth line.” – lj

Suggestions of the Best mascaras for sensitive eyes

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