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You maybe get confused by the various thickening and lengthening mascara on the market today. If you are not sure what thickening and lengthening mascara is right for you, there are some details and customer reviews of each thickening and lengthening mascara that might help you decide.

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Finding the Best Thickening And Lengthening Mascara

Maybelline Lash Discovery Washable Mascara, Very Black - .16 fl oz

Exclusive lash catching mini brush allows you to get hard to reach lashes from corner to corner, root to tip and the bottom, too. Lengthens and defines lashes.

Buyers Guide
  • “It is with very small size brush so I use it for my under eyelashes.” – MICHSU
  • “Thanks for the great service!” – Jennifer Vogle
  • “I am glad that I found the perfect one for my with this Maybelline Lash Discovery Mascara!” – Mia

Maybelline New York Lots of Lashes Washable Mascara, Blackest Black, 0.43 Fluid Ounce

Lots of impact. Lots of style. Great lash lol’s exclusive great little grabber brush lets you easily reach all of your lashes to multiply their impact.

Buyers Guide
  • “I have tried many other mascaras, but always come back to Mabelline!” – Susannah
  • “It really defines and lengthens my eyelashes and makes them look really long!” – Emily
  • “The applicator seems to grab too much mascara so that when you apply it, it just cakes your lashes together.” – shopaholic mom

Mavala Switzerland Eye-Lite Eye Make-up Remover Lotion Eye Makeup Removers

Finally, you no longer have to thicken your thinning lashes with multiple coats of mascara! Switzerlands Double-Lash is the only night treatment specifically formulated for lengthening, thickening and protecting eyelashes.

Buyers Guide
  • “It works well on lashes and eyebrows.” – Lori R. Bustamante
  • “I must say that I have, indeed, seen a difference in my lashes since I have been using this product.” – K. Thornburg
  • “It did come in a box, but inside the box was a single styrofoam peanut.” – BE Babe

Maybelline Full 'N Soft Mascara, Very Black - .28 oz

Builds full, soft thick lashes without the brittle feel. Prevents loss of lashes with patented quick dissolve system that allows easy mascara removal.

Buyers Guide
  • “I’ve been using this mascara for years and it’s my favorite.” – Ladybug2734
  • “It will make your lashes look very full, dark, and beautiful.” – alibee
  • “Adds lots of length and volume to my lashes.” – jewlz_4ever

Almay One Coat Nourishing Mascara, Thickening, Blackest Black 401, 0.4-Ounce Package

Aloe and Vitamin B5. 100% Thicker lashes. Builds 100% thicker lashes in one clump-free application.

Buyers Guide
  • “My wife likes this mascara as it thickens and lengthens without clumping.” – jjceo (jjceo@comcast . net)
  • “This stuff rivals Maybelline Great Lash as a contender for the best cheap mascara brand on the market.” – Melissa Niksic
  • “This if perfect; it is truly a thickening mascara and makes your eyelashes look great!” – B. Cook

Palladio Herbal Waterproof Mascara, Brown/Black, 0.27 Ounce

A rich, conditioning formula that won’t run, smear or smudge, Palladio herbal waterproof mascara features a rich, conditioning formula that curls as it separates lashes.

Buyers Guide
  • “It is light, doesn’t clump and the brush catches every fine lash and defines it.” – dm
  • “For now, this will be my go-to mascara.” – Kristi
  • “This mascara feels very nice, goes on smoothly.” – sk227

Rimmel London Extra Super Lash Mascara, Body Building, Black Black 101, 0.27 oz

Natural to dramatic. Lift & build brush. Builds lashes from natural to dramatic by thickening and lengthening lashes coat after coat.

Buyers Guide
  • “That was my exclusive brand for years, never varied.” – KeepingFaith
  • “Performs as well as the more expensive mascaras.” – Debbie
  • “I have puny blonde lashes and this really makes them look noticeable!” – Kelly from GA

Laura Mercier Long Lash Mascara Black 10.6G/0.37Oz
laura mercier

Laura Mercier Long Lash Mascara extends and precisely separates the thinnest, shortest, hard-to-reach lashes by expertly scooping up and lengthening each lash while delivering just the right amount of product.

LORAC PRO Mascara, Black

This lengthening and thickening professional formula is smudge-resistant, flake-proof, and delivers extra-long, ultra-thick and extremely dramatic lashes with each lash-extending buildable coat.

M2lashes Eyelash Activating Serum 0.17oz - 5ml

Here it is, the secret of ravishingly beautiful eyelashes with amazing volume: this highly potent activating serum contains the key ingredient complex MDN*.

Suggestions of the Best thickening and lengthening mascara

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